Published March 8th, 2022 by Anbiza Business Agency

Builders and Contractors

7500 Harford Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21234

“Homero Plada (Anchor Business Agency) has recently performed two projects for A.R Marani, and the finish work on both of those projects was very good.

The first project involved a steel frame awning assembly with a specialized panel manufactured by TRESPA. HP Metal fabricated and installed the complete awning system, which both looked very good,and exceeded the owner’s expectation.

The second project involved installing a staircase in a shopping center. This staircase had a mixture of stainless steel and glass panel finishes. The finished product for this project looked very nice as well.

A.R Marani will continue to request bids from HP Metal for this kind of projects.”

Jim Marino- Project Manager

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