The Different Types of Exterior Railings to Consider for Your Deck

Published September 30th, 2022 by Anbiza Business Agency

Are you hoping to upgrade the look of your outdoor space? With Americans spending over $420 billion each year on home improvements you're not alone if you're ready for a change. A relatively easy place to start is with your deck railings.

Read on to learn about the different exterior railings to consider for your deck!

Try Horizontal Railing 

You're probably used to seeing homes with vertical railing lining their decks. However, for a modern twist on classic deck railings, go with horizontal railing. Not only do these railings look more contemporary, but they also add several perks.

Horizontal Railings consume fewer materials, are less expensive and easier to install. On top of that, you can customize the level of privacy by varying the width of the railing. 

Consider Cable Railing

When it comes to the different types of exterior railings, cable railing offers a light and attractive solution. The sleek design means the cables won't overwhelm your surrounding space.

The cables usually move horizontally and attach to metal posts. This style of railing won't cost as much as some, and you'll love the understated look. You'll need to watch how much pressure you put on the cables, though, to avoid having them break.

Go with Aluminum

Aluminum is one of the lightest exterior railing materials available to build your railings with, adding a layer of powder coating will provide you with a rich finish get a rich railing . And when it rains, and protection against nicks, scratches and rust. 

Plan on committing to regular maintenance with aluminum railing. Assuming you do, your aluminum railing will last a long time!

Look into Wrought Iron

Wrought iron is a classic railing material that harkens back to earlier times. Choose from a variety of intricate patterns if you want the railing material to be the star of the show on your deck. You can even paint it to achieve a brighter or lighter look.

You'll need to maintain it with a yearly sealing to help prevent rust. And when it's time to clean it, be prepared to be patient. The more intricate the railing, the longer it may take.

Go with the Strength of Steel

Steel provides a durable surface that can be customized with different paint colors. With the right coatings, you can prevent water from damaging the surface and causing rust

The clean look of steel pairs well with most deck styles. Be aware, however, that steel doesn't always respond well to hot weather situations. It may lose its structural integrity. 

Add a Rustic Railing Material

Not all exterior railing material options need to have a modern feel. You can create a rustic or farmhouse-inspired look, for instance. A wood railing with a handsome stain adds a secure presence to a deck.

Just know that you'll need to stain and seal it regularly. Otherwise, water will damage the wood.

Look at Different Exterior Railings

If you're investigating different exterior railings or are considering modernizing your deck with horizontal railings, want to keep your railings subtle with cable, or turn to a heftier railing, like iron or steel, to add structure to your deck?

Are you ready to upgrade your deck railings? Contact us we are here to help!

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